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Rev July 7, 2017



About Dalton G. Fluke - President Suldanna

- Senior Member of IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

- Member of CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) - Certified I.S.P. (InformationSystem Professional), ITCP/I3CP (International IT Certified Professional/International Professional Practice Partnership)

- Past member of INFOR - Information System and Operational Research

- Past member of the ISA - International Society of Automation

Industrial Electronic Controls - Canadian License

Proficient in several computer languages.  Extensive experience with Oracle 9i,
MS-SQL Server (2000, 2003, 2008), MS-Server 2000 & 2003, MS.NET, VB6, C, C++, .

Considerable experience in network design and integration for TCP/IP, Control-Net, Profibus, Modbus, RS-485 Multipoint, Siemens, AB DH+ and other industry networks.

Designed robotic cells for General Motors, as well as AGV and Diffracto Vision systems.

Manager of Electrical, Instrumentation and Control engineering group, designed and constructed dozens of realtime process control systems at Danieli Corus for customers around the world in the Steel and Aluminum industries, for machine control, emission abatement, power systems, material handling, process control and monitoring.

Danieli Corus was formerly known as Hoogovens engineering (the Royal Dutch Steel company headquartered in the Netherlands) until Hoogovens merged with British Steel to form Corus. Around this time Danieli of Italy purchased 50% of the Hoogovens engineering group to form Danieli - Corus, Corus has now been purchased by the Tata Group of India. Hard to believe how many times my business cards changed, in fact at one time it was called Bailey-Engineers before Hoogovens purchased the company to access North American clients as Bailey-Hoogovens.

Chief system architect for many of the EIC projects performed by Danieli Corus

Currently working toward an M.Sc. IT at University of Liverpool - England

Partial list of projects designed/managed/executed over the years

15 MW Top Gas Recovery Turbine & Generator- Shanghai, China

2.25 MW Diesel Generator Plant for Inland Steel, East Chicago

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for General Motors, Oshawa

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for Alcan, Australia

DCS control system and Burner Management for Essar Steel 750,000 lb/hr Co-Gen Boiler

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for Alcan, UK

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for Reynolds, Messina

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for Inland Steel, East Chicago

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for U.S. Steel, Kosice

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for Essar Steel

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for ALCOA, Badin

Real Time Data Acquisition/control systems for ALUSAF, South Africa

Sulfur emission reduction project in Benxi China

Switchgear SCADA (up to 34.5 kv) using discrete
and serial communications for various clients such as ALCAN, UK

QA and testing plans for Dofasco Waste Water Treatment Facility

Communication LANs for several aluminum and steel companies

Custom communication system for four 800 HP Turbo Compressors, Dofasco

Extensive experience with power electronic devices, such as Staticon invertors,
induction heating inverters up to 75 kW, variable speed drive systems up to 600 kW

Involved in a number of green initiatives to remove SO2/SO3, HF. Recycling fluorides
and cleaning process gases to reduce greenhouse emissions for the Steel and Aluminum industries in plants around the world

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